Are you a solicitor wanting new clients?

We have the most challenging cases from a range of clients from all walks of life.

I operate a helpline that is over-subscribed, providing people and businesses aggrieved by bailiffs not complying with the law, with access to the legal profession.


It bridges the gap created by the lack of an ombudsman and impartial complaint handling companies bringing remedy for non-compliant enforcement.




I process about 10 to 15 enquiries daily. Most are remedied online, otherwise, I pass new business to solicitors. Simple cases include:


Emergency applications in the high court and the county court.


N244 stay and variation applications in the high hourt


Detailed assessments under CPR 84


Interpleader claims on controlled goods in the county court under CPR 85


Claims for damage to client's vehicles and goods




Complex cases involve intransigent bailiffs and even public servants refusing to comply with regulations.


Using appropriate legislation, solicitors apply for remedy and where appropriate, claim damages for the client. You get a written client case summaries to give you the starting point to to build the client skeleton argument and witness statement.


Business clients claim for businesses defamation and damage from the effects of non-compliant enforcement. The largest single case claim to date is £3.9 million.


I ensure claims are winnable. Many clients are from low income backgrounds. For high net worth clients (yes, they get bailiffs too!) I ring-fence their assets into Ltd company or a solicitor prepared Family Protection Trust to safeguard them from the effects of enforcement for the costs of a failed claim.


When I take a new client, the evidence is gathered and a brief skeleton is prepared ready to be stylised. It is an outline where enforcement breaches Schedule 12 and its regulations.



Non-debtor clients can bring claims under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977.


Payments for client business is forbidden under section 56 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012. There is no contract between me and any solicitor. In return, I ask you to consider reciprocating business for Wills and estate planning.



I also act as sales intermediary for a car rental company and a vehicle transport service. I always retain this aspect of the client's business. These provide clients with a rental car while their own vehicle is held and provide vehicle transport services collecting their own vehicle and taking it to a manufacturer approved garage for the safety inspection. The costs are recovered from the creditor.



New client business is generated from our sister websites; provides free instant resolution advice for common occurring enforcement non-compliance matters. The helpline provides specific advice.



Beat the Bailiffs gives simple remedies to common bailiff questions.


I sponsor a self-help user group called which is managed by volunteers.


I reciprocate with debt charities, advice agencies and professional counsellors who do not specialise in civil enforcement defence. If you are a solicitor interested in partnering for new clients, please contact me for an informal chat in the first instance.

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